Contracting Repairs

Small to mid-sized repair jobs, at-sale house repairs

Throughout the year Daniel takes on a number of small to medium-sized contracting repair jobs, which he typically performs solo. (He does not offer renovation or remodeling services however.) Occasionally he uses a small trusted crew of helpers for projects where he needs additional help; they are always under direct and constant supervision. His specialty is conducting thorough, professional at-sale house repairs on a deadline.


Other Contracting Services

He also offers:

  • Structural/framing repairs
  • Plumbing, electrical, and roof repairs
  • Crawlspace moisture control
  • Three to four small-to-medium decks a year

Daniel builds three to four small or medium-sized decks a year of limited height and size due to his not working with large crews.


Excellent quality

Daniel’s expertise with building structures, his craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail keep him very busy. Since he performs almost all of the work himself, his direct focus on the job offers excellent quality. He is licensed and insured. (Please note that due to ethical concerns, Daniel does not perform repairs on buildings/structures on which he has performed inspections nor inspects buildings/structures which he has repaired.)


If you are interested in a project review and quote, please review the contact form.

General Contractor License #G114462