What Makes Us Different

A thorough and knowledgeable building inspection can save a buyer many thousands of dollars in post-purchase repairs, as potential buyers have the opportunity to ask that repairs be completed by the seller, before the building is purchased. The key is to find an inspector with the knowledge, experience, and education to produce as complete an inspection report as possible.


What makes Daniel Whitten Inspections different?

  • Few inspectors have degrees in construction engineering and a general contractors license — Daniel has both
  • Daniel’s unique background and education in the anatomy, inter-connectedness, and construction of building structures
  • An understanding of the way building systems are meant to work most effectively, and where those systems can go wrong
  • The expertise and knowledge to provide conclusions about building faults without the need to call in further specialists, which can lead to delayed closings and further expense
  • A commitment to detailed, hands-on inspection; Daniel is one of the few remaining inspectors in the Upstate who personally walks the roof of every building he inspects
  • 25 years of experience with the oldest inspection company in the Upstate, and mentorship from some of the best in the business who have long retired