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Decades in inspecting, decades living in South Carolina

Daniel Whitten has been working in the inspection business in South Carolina for more than 25 years.

Degreed in construction engineering, mentored by the best

Daniel wanted to use his degree and his natural interest in building structures to offer service to others, while at the same time working more independently and with more autonomy and creativity.

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Daniel Whitten


  • "Daniel Whitten has been our go-to home inspector for over a decade. Speaking as a licensed engineer and real estate investor, I can honestly say that we will not close on a property new or old without Mr. Whitten’s inspection and profesional opinion. Thinking of the last seven or so inspections he has performed for us, I can honestly say that his commitment is the same for a $40k house or a $1M house. Unlike other licensed home inspectors, Mr. Whitten has a degree in construction engineering and is also a licensed contractor. These professional qualifications along with his decades of experience make Daniel Whitten uniquely qualified to help with your next home purchase. I would encourage you to book him as soon as your offer is submitted."

    - Derek S., Realtor
  • "Daniel Whitten has always worked with the spirit of excellence. He still walks roofs of the homes that he inspects for my buyers. His method has meaning, it’s ok to meet him to say hello at the beginning of the inspection, but he’s constantly talking and recording about his findings to give you a very detailed report. He’s definitely experienced and a goodie."

    - Jill C., Realtor
  • "I’ve counted on Daniel as my trusted inspector for more than a decade. My buyers depend on me to have professional, qualified, and dependable people to assist with their transaction. We are always pleased with Daniel’s thoroughness."

    - Eddie B., Realtor
  • "Daniel was prompt and thorough in doing the inspection. He explained in detail and in writing, every finding. I was confident in his work and most appreciative!"

    - Kim G., Inspection Client
  • "Daniel has done two pre-purchase inspections for me, and several more for friends and relatives over the years. His inspections are painstaking and meticulous, and his reports are very thorough. With Daniel's report you will know exactly what you're getting into, and be in a great position to negotiate."

    - Ed W., Inspection Client
  • "I have been calling on Daniel for years to inspect homes for my clients prior to a purchase. I want the very best for my clients and I know Daniel will leave no stone unturned. He is efficient, honest, knowledgeable, and timely. Daniel is also available even after inspections if I have questions regarding the report. I would highly recommend Daniel for any home inspections."

    - Lana S., Realtor
  • "Daniel Whitten Inspections is my top choice for home inspections. The Whitten team brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to every job. I’ve found them to be highly professional, responsive, and technically excellent. Daniel Whitten Inspections is who I trust when I need an inspection done right!"

    - Scott C., Inspection Client
  • "Daniel is the only home inspector I trust when purchasing a home. He is detailed and thorough. I’ve used him multiple times and recommend him to everyone I know."

    - Ashley S., Inspection Client
  • "Daniel was recommended to me by another agent in my office. He was doing repairs on a home where I represented the buyer. We were very pleased with his work and I have since recommended him to several agents, clients, family and neighbors. With his background, he has great attention to detail and the proper fix for the problem. I highly recommend him!"

    - Margaret M., Realtor
  • "I've employed Daniel for both home inspections and a variety of home repairs. He has without exception been both professional and reliable at every step. His inspection of our home was far more detailed than anything I had come to expect from the standard inspection process, uncovering important details that both influenced our home purchase decision and later helped us make relatively inexpensive repairs that will pay dividends for years to come. In the world of contractors, Daniel is a rare gem."

    - Michael M., Inspection and Contracting Client
  • "If you need a home inspector I highly recommend Daniel Whitten. Daniel is very detailed and thorough in his inspections and he provides photos on any issues that may arise during the inspection. Not only is he a licensed inspector but a licensed contractor as well and he knows what to look for. Daniel is always prompt in responding to calls and emails. If you have questions or concerns he will be there to answer and explain exactly what is needed. I have worked with Daniel many times over the years and have been completely satisfied with his capability and knowledge in the home inspection process. Daniel has been in this line of work for years and his integrity shows in his work ethics."

    - Beth S., Realtor


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